Babylon’s Fall

Babylon’s Fall

Babylon’s Fall

DO NOT BUY THIS GAME! – Babylon’s Fall Honest Review (PS4/PS5)

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BABLYON’S FALL is an action RPG produced by Square Enix and developed by PlatinumGames.

Become a Sentinel, a chosen warrior powered by the mysterious Gideon Coffin grafted to your back. The Gideon Coffin is a symbol of your servitude to the Domitinian empire, but it’s also the only thing that will keep you alive as you claw your way through the titanic Tower of Babylon and confront the untold terrors that lurk within.

In BABYLON’S FALL, experience the refined, high-quality PlatinumGames action seen in titles like NieR: Automata in a high-octane hack-and-slash adventure. As a Sentinel, you’ll gain the ability to wield a mighty arsenal of up to four weapons; one in each of your human arms, and two more held by the spectral tethers that extrude from your Gideon Coffin. Experiment with different weapon and armor combos and explore the virtually limitless array of strategic possibilities.

BABYLON’S FALL also features unique visuals created with an original “Brushwork Filter” that gives the world a look reminiscent of living medieval oil paintings.

Finally, the greatest allure of BABYLON’S FALL is its 4-player online multiplayer action, which will be supported with regular updates post-launch and at no additional cost.

BABYLON’S FALL, a collaboration between Square Enix and PlatinumGames, is in development for PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, and Steam. In this video Dreamcastguy does an honest review of Babylon’s Fall on PS5 including combat, story, and microtransactions.

Babylon’s Fall Review: Utterly Disappointing (Should You Play?)

Babylon’s Fall is the latest title from famed developer PlatinumGames. It’s their first foray into the live service genre, which they intend to make a focus going forward. Unfortunately though it falls short in too many ways to count, lacking much of what made their prior games so great. Let’s dive in.

00:00 Intro: High Expectations, Poor Execution
01:13 Art Direction: PS2 Edition
03:20 Game Struction: Live Service Arena Combat
07:33 Combat: The One Redeeming Quality… Still Falls Short
11:54 Boss Fights: They Nailed It
13:54 Pricing: Total Miss
15:44 Live Service Elements: It’s Got Everything
17:00 Literally Re-Used Assets From FFXIV
18:30 Nobody’s Playing, Even Fewer Are Enjoying
21:38 Final Thoughts: Should You Play? (lol no)

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Babylon’s Fall Flopped So Badly Physical Copies Are Being Destroyed Or Given Away By GameStop

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Babylon’s Fall for the Playstation 5, 4 and PC. I’ve done it, I’ve gone and beat the whole game and almost all of the first season because VIDEO GAMES.

No but seriously, this one of the most challenging videos I’ve done in a hot minute becuase the sheer scope of the story slowly opening up. I’m sure it’s going to continue to evolve, but I hope you enjoy what I made so far.


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